Kimnguu River Restoration Project-3380

Kimnguu River Restoration Project-3379

Kimnguu River Restoration Project

Scale: 1,200m long

Location: Kim Nguu River, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Client: ......

Year: ......

The project has a length of 1,200 m from the beginning of Kim Nguu River at the intersection of Lo Duc - Tran Khat Chan, to Minh Khai Street. With the seriously polluted environment caused by wastewater, the city's goal is to renovate and embellish the urban area and improve the environment of the Kim Nguu River. The project is particularly important in terms of environment, urban landscape and local people's life. The project has proposed a "two-layer river", a proposal that thoroughly addresses the environment, creating an attractive street in terms of landscape, entertainment and commercial services.

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