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RnD Planners was founded in June 2016, based on A group of architects  and planners who have accumulated considerable experience working side-by-side with  international experts in developing high-value real estate projects in Vietnam.


With our enthusiasm and considerable professional experience, we aim at jointly developing  RnD Planners into the brand name of a planning, architecture and investment consultancy  with the ability to deliver unique creative ideas and revolutionary solutions for high - value,  sustainable projects of our respected Clients.

RnD Planners



Scope of Work

RnD Planners provides from investment consultancy services to design consultancy from  very beginning of Clients investment stages. We co operate closely to our Clients, as well  as National, Provincial Technical Departments in developing Their Projects. With extensive  experiences in real estate development in Vietnam, We are always able to create attractive  oriented investment projects from city development to urban development and resort, tourist  areas.

Also, highly professional consultancy services, We help Our Client to develop investment and  development stages: Urban Planning – Urban Design – Landscape Design and Architecture  design. All investment consultancy projects and design consultancy projects, RnD Planners  bring an Unique development and Design as well as to create unique, high quality and high  profit for Our Clients.


Our Partners


WATG (Hoa Kỳ)

WATG (Hoa Kỳ)

Chao Global

Chao Global

R&D Consultants

R&D Consultants


Our Clients 


Vin Group


Van Phu Invest

NNP Invest

T&T Group

Tổng Công ty phát triển đô thị Kinh Bắc (KBC)

KOSY Group

Capital House Group


Công ty CP Đại Hoàng Sơn

Tập đoàn KDI Holdings


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