Project Development Methodology

Project Development Methodology

Comprehensive review and analysis 

In most real estate projects, the element of “location” is always commanding the highest priority for both the  investors and the future customers. In proposing the best directions of urban development at RnD Planners, the  contextual features of each project are always considered very carefully, in order to create high-class concepts  and attractiveness for the project. At the same time, with the proven professionalism of its staff, RnD Planners is  capable of offering highly creative interpretations of the meaning of “location”, bringing unique expressions to the  project proposals, which are very attractive to the investors.

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Data collection, discussions

For every projects, planning specialists at RnD Planners start their work with meticulous collecting, analyzing and  assessing of the concrete field data, gathering opinions of clients, customers and local planners. The first step  of data processing and discussion provides the “big picture” representation of the projects, forming an optimal  combination of development opportunities at a very early stage, which will serve as a foundation for the definitive  directions of the use of land, landscape and infrastructure systems in the future developments.

Development of Technical Design

One of the strengths of RnD Planners is the gathering of planners with proven experience and a depth of knowledge  of the process of production of project documentation, the ability to interact and and receive information from relevant  organizations, bringing advance technical proposals in line with sustainable directions for particular projects. Our  specialists will coordinate closely and concretely with the Clients as well as with the relevant authorities, in order  to offer prompt solutions to the arising problems and to propose optimal answers for detailed technical issues of  the projects.


Finalizing Planning Documentation

Finalization of the of a planning documentation is an openning for a opportunity to develop a real estate project,  a new town. AT RnD Planners we always realize the importance of completion of any project. We always offer  our customers an opportunity to have attractive visions full of possibilities which are openned by the completing a  planning project. This will triger a series of succesive plans based on the documentation sets produced by RnD  Planners, providing strategic fondations for the development of every project.

Passion and enthusiasm are always associated with the planning architects of RnD Planners. Perspective sketches are always the beginning of the future master planning and technical infrastructure orientations to realize projects in a unique, attractive and exciting way for all Clients.

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