Da Nhay Coastal Tourism Area-3491

Da Nhay Coastal Tourism Area-3490

Da Nhay Coastal Tourism Area-3489

Da Nhay Coastal Tourism Area

Area: 6.26 ha

Location: Thanh Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province

Client: Hoan Cau II Company Limited

Year: Updating...

As a resort tourism area serving domestic and foreign tourists, people in the area rest, relax, relax, swim and be a transit area to guide visitors to regional landmarks.  

Form an integrated project with a variety of services, hotels, beach sports, mixed tourism services. Providing a good living environment, convenient for pedestrians, in accordance with the proportion of people through the chain of functions of accommodation - relaxation - entertainment - enjoying nature.

Sustainable development, suitable with natural environment and climate change.

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