Cao Ngan Riverfront Resident, Thai Nguyen City-3400

Cao Ngan Riverfront Resident, Thai Nguyen City-3399

Cao Ngan Riverfront Resident, Thai Nguyen City

Area: About 79.28 ha

Location: Thai Nguyen City

Client: ......

Year: ......

The research and development project area is about 79.28 hectares, with the proposed project development is one of the attractive projects in housing environment, commercial services, social infrastructure, is the premise of Thai Nguyen in attracting urban development across the North bank of Cau River. Project development is proposed in harmony with the local real estate market. Development proposals through specific studies on the development orientation of Thai Nguyen city master plan, technical infrastructure development orientation ... in order to give investors the initiative from the beginning in the project development direction and construction phase

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